Who is affected by the two-child limit and how?

The two-child limit mostly affects working families with three children

Every day, 200 more families are affected. 

Families affected are £50 a week worse off than families who had their third or subsequent child before April 2017.

Familes have told us about the ways the two-child limit affects them:

  • 95% of people we spoke to said the two-child limit has affected their ability to pay for basic living costs. 88% said it had affected their ability to pay for food. 
  • Children are missing out on things most children take for granted - social, educational and physical activities that are vital for their development. 
  • Families are facing increasing debt and ongoing stress - affecting family relationships
How many children and families are likely to be affected by the two-child limit in your area?

Find out in this table (PDF)


'I’m struggling to pay my rent as I need to feed my children… [We] may become homeless as I’m in rent arrears.'